CQ de The Referist

Firstly, a warm welcome to The Referist at WordPress, one of a pair of blogs dedicated to the subject of “That “ism” again”, to quote Dr Richard North at the EUReferendum blog, where I first came across the word:

However, before broaching the subject, for those of you who may not get the gist of the title of this first post, it is of nautical origin; CQ de The Referist means “Calling all ships (Referists), this is (the good ship) The Referist” in Morse Code (me being an old sea dog).

On reading “That “ism” again” and the ensuing debates at Dr North’s forum, and on many other mainly British quality blogs, (please forgive me for not mentioning you all by name but you know who you are), though the term even came up on far-flung WUWT, I came to the conclusion that this subject was worthy of a home of its own. Hence this blog and its sister blog which can be accessed by clicking the link on the right.

CQ de The Referist also means that the good ship has to be well founded, serve a useful purpose and be manned by a good crew. So this first post is a call to all referists. Not an SOS, but a general call; if the project is to fare well, then it needs people to man it. I cannot do it alone for various reasons, and neither do I wish to nor do I consider this to be in the best interests of the project. This therefore means The Referist needs administrators, moderators, editors, authors, contributors, people familiar with the WordPress platform and, of course, commentators. It also needs feedback: is it worth doing?; if so, how?; by whom?; who decides?; what for?; why two blogs?. The questions go on, and I probably have as many if not more than you. On the technical side, please feel free to add any constructive comment and criticism concerning layout, colouring, etc. I am using the WordPress Twenty Ten theme. The header is 940 x 198 pixels. If there are any good photoshoppers out there, feel free, I’m up for an exibition and a referendum for the final choice!

So that is what this first post is really all about. It is an open thread, but more importantly it an appeal for help and guidance in getting the project going. In addition, it is my way of saying thank you to Dr Richard North for having brought this important emerging subject to my attention, and to the attention of the blogosphere and beyond.

The sister blog I have left closed for comments for the moment for no other reason than one step at a time is probably the best course of action for the moment. Your comments, particularly Richard’s, are more than welcome in this first thread on what shape her future might take.

Until there is a page setting out the terms of use of the blog, the normal and accepted rules applicable to civilised and open political blogs and forums shall apply. As the launchpad is Richard’s forum, I am hoping that the initial readership and commentators will be genuine, grow naturally and that I will not be inundated with an initial onrush of spamming and trolling (links limited to two, first two comments always approved by a moderator). Reply nesting has been enabled (up to 3 replies to one comment for now, but that can be changed) This set-up will no doubt evolve if and when the project takes off and more people are involved, but for the moment I am applying the strictest rules WordPress allow for. If for some reason, you find your comments are not getting through, please drop an email in the strictest confidence to:


As a contributor to Dr North’s forum, Richard is aware of my identity and email address. I mention this simply to reassure you that I am not some kind of troll, mickey-taker or plant.

Over to you, fellow Referists.

For Referism


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2 Responses to CQ de The Referist

  1. right_writes says:

    “The MP expenses scandal has shown that the British system of government is in serious disarray. Bureaucracy overrules democracy at every level, from Brussels to Whitehall to the town hall. We will give meaningful power back to the British people and not just talk of localism. UKIP will:

    · Introduce ‘Direct Democracy’ whereby 5% of the national or local electorate can demand a binding referendum on any issue. At national level, people will have to sign up for the referendum within six months, at local level, within three months

    · Introduce an element of proportional representation in national and local elections

    · Extend direct elections and real democracy by instituting directly elected County Police Boards, Education Boards and Health Boards, and supporting directly elected Mayors

    · Retain devolved national assemblies but replace the representatives with Westminster MPs from the same nation. The 129 Scottish MSPs, 60 Welsh AMs and (in time) 108 Northern Irish MLAs would be replaced with their Westminster MPs. These MPs would then spend one week a month on devolved business and the rest of their time at Westminster. English MPs would meet in Westminster for English-only days as an ‘English Parliament’

    · Introduce a right of recall whereby electors can challenge an errant MP and force a by-election in exceptional circumstances, such as abuse of expenses

    · Abolish Regional Government – including the nine Regional Ministers, Regional Development Agencies and Assemblies – and return their powers to local government. The county will become the prime local government unit

    · Fully support the monarchy, oppose disestablishment of the Church of England, and consider transferring part of the Crown Estate back to the Royal family in return for ending their State support

    · Give Parliament powers such as treaty ratification and consent for declaring war

    · Start by retrieving our democracy from Brussels, then revitalise the House of Commons and local government (as above) and, at the end of that process, decide whether we need a second chamber and how it is to be constituted.”

    Pre-existing political movement… circa 1995.???

    • referista says:


      I firmly believe UKIP has a great deal to offer in the struggle to regain control of our country. I voted for them at the last election for the European Parliament, and encouraged everyone I know to do likewise. However, while a referendum on UK membership of the EU will be a very important element of Referism in the future, the subject does goes well beyond that.

      In short, I am of the view that UKIP cannot go it alone and will never win the battle in isolation. Do you think UKIP could embrace Referism, and accept to be part of a broader movement in which the party would no doubt play an important role (possibly a leading role in helping us get out the EU), yet accept that in the aftermath of such a hypothetical victory, the party may have to transform itself and even disband in order to align itself with others (members of other parties, independents, etc.) in the many other facets of Referism necessary to put GB back on the right tracks?

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