Cameron’s Deal

A great deal has been written in the legacy media and in the blogosphere over the past few days reporting the outcome of David Cameron’s recent negotiations at the European Council, much of it of a conflicting and controvertial nature, particularly in terms of its legal standing.

In the blogosphere, Dr. Richard North of the blog has  carried out an in-depth analysis, to which he refers as “Dave’s Dodgy Deal’. Part 1 can be found here, with Part 2 and Part 3 here and here respectively. This analysis would indeed appear to justify his description of it as “dodgy”.

On the 22nd of February , Arnold Ridout of the Counsel for European Legislation of The House of Commons published a pdf document “The Inquiry into the UK Government’s renegotiation of EU membership: Parliamentary Sovereignty and Scrutiny: preliminary note on the outcome of the negotiations” much of which a priori concurs with Dr Richard North’s analysis.

While making no claim to be legal experts, The Referist will be closely following  and reporting on this very serious issue as it develops, as we are committed to doing our bit to ensure that the British people are not being lied to or manipulated and that the facts and truth are brought to their attention. We would appreciate any comments and information that you may have to help us achieve this objective.



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