Swinging Dodgy


swinging dodgy

The two catchwords that endeared the late, great Norman Vaughan to the British public were ‘Swinging’ and ‘Dodgy’, often accompanied by thumbs up or thumbs down gestures.

Over the past week we have seen that the word ‘Dodgy’ is back again in full swing, this time in relation to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, who, as referred to in our last post, has earned the title ‘Dodgy Dave’. As more details have emerged, Dr Richard North gets to the heart of the matter in his post “Beginning to make sense”. It is now evident that ‘Call me Dodgy Dave’ has lied through his teeth to Parliament and thus to the British People, who the members of The House of Commons represent. We don’t know what Norman Vaughan would have made of it, but we venture that it may be the same as the authors of this blog: a clear thumbs down.

Apart from his blatant lying, we have also had to put up with the unedifying spectacle of this arrogant man telling the Leader of the Opposition to wear a suit and do up his tie in a pathetic effort to deflect answering serious questions. What’s next, we ask? Instructing female MPs to make sure they do up the top button of their blouse or not to wear black stockings as they are distracting the male members from their leisurely snooze? Telling Scottish MPs they have to wear a kilt with a tartan reflecting their names? What difference does it make what clothes MPs wear? They are there to represent us, not take part in a fashion show.

Norman Vaughan was a talented entertainer, actor and comedian who brought pleasure to the lives of millions; unlike Call me Dodgy Dave who could best be described as a joker, and a nasty one at that.

And as for swinging, the only thing swinging about Dodgy Dave is the object from which he should be doing it on the left of the record sleeve.


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