Brexit: as seen from around the world

As the other Brexit blogs and sites have been doing an admirable job of exposing the latest developments in the Brexit debate, from Juncker, Cameron and Hollande’s shameful and insensitive exploitation of war graves to the fearmongering letters being sent to employees of private companies and members of the Civil Service, to mention just two, there seems little point in this blog regurgitating these points. We simply applaud them all for their hard work and perspicacity, and are in agreement with their analyses and observations.

As part of this blog’s effort to add to the debate, we think it may be useful to link to recent press articles from different countries to get a feel for how they view the UK referendum issue. As our internet searching techniques develop we hope to extend this to the international blogosphere. It is our intention to make this a regular feature of this blog. The majority of the links will be in English, though some will be in French, as the authors have a good working knowledge of the language. For other languages, we invite readers with other foreign language skills to post links in the comments section along with their analysis or to submit a guest post.

Our tour for today begins in the Netherlands where an interesting article in today’s Dutch informs us that despite our constant moaning about the EU, the Dutch will lose a much-needed ally as we are a counterbalance to France and Germany. We wonder if Peter van Ham would take some comfort in our presence in EFTA/EEA.

On to Malta, where the Times of Malta points out that Maltese citizens living in the UK are eligible to vote due to their being Commonwealth citizens. The article tells of mixed feelings among the Maltese citizens involved and points out the significance of the effect of the almost one million Commonwealth  citizens currently living in the UK. The same newspaper, in its comments section, inists on the need for balance on Brexit

In an article entitled ‘How Brexit can affect your UK Immigration Status’ in today’s The South African , the emphasis is on the rising number of calls to The Breytenbachs Immigration Consultant offices from EU nationals and South Africans living and working in the UK on EU passports. The article gives an explanation of the legal situation in an attempt to give peace of mind to those concerned.

From Sweden, The Local SE reports that Sweden’s nationalist party supports EU Brexit. Jimmie Åkesson, on Sunday night’s ‘Agenda’ programme on SVT, said he backed the Brexit campaign and that if the UK votes to leave the EU he would like Sweden to follow suit. As one might expect, other Swedish politicians are grouping to show their support for the UK remaining a member of the EU.

In the, the Business Irish section reports that Goodbody Stockbrokers has warned that  Ireland would be a net loser should a leave vote prevail.

The New American, in an error strewn article by John F. McManus, claims that Brexit puts the EU on trial. He does conclude however that a Leave vote would put a spanner in the works for congressional passage of the TTIP.

Finally, from France, l’Express reports in French that France and Germany are seeking to scare the British people and are rushing to help ‘Call me Dodgy Dave’. No real surprises there then.




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