More on Cameron’s Deal

From The Brexit Door on Thursday comes irrefutable proof that David Cameron’s “EU Renegotiation”  is “Not Binding” on the EU Institutions.

The previous day, The House of Commons Library published a Briefing Paper: EU Referendum: analysis of the UK’s new EU Settlement, a pdf copy of which is in the Downloads page.

The Brexit Blog’s post speaks for itself, emphasizing that in telling The House of Commons and the people of this country that the deal is legally binding, the Prime Minister is Lying, and that regardless of the outcome of the referendum and whatever party you support, we should all pledge:

A pledge

The independent blogosphere debunked the deal the day after it was signed, and now even the newspapers are saying so, begging the question that if they would lie about something of such importance, what else are they lying about? Indeed, the issue boils down to democracy itself. When power lies so far from the people that those with it are no longer directly elected and accountable to us, there is no democracy, whereas the opposite should be the case. Were democracy working properly, this lie should be grounds for forcing The Prime Minister from office, but as things go he expects this lie to win him a referendum!

The article goes on to point out that removing power from Brussels and restoring it to Westminster is merely the beginning of the process, as to restore democracy in this country, her people must re engage with the political process. For this to happen, we must ensure that responsibility can be attributed to directly elected politicians.

Brexit Door concludes his excellent article by stating that on Referendum day, we must show the politicians to whom the power belongs, namely the people, suggesting that when you vote put your X in the box marked:


We here at The Referist fully concur.

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