Launch of The Leave Alliance


On the eve of the long-awaited launch of The Leave Alliance, this blog would like to wish the group every success in its endeavours, and doffs its cap not only to the sheer amount of hard work and intellectual rigour over the years that has gone into its coming into being, but also the fact that it has a coherent and achievable strategy and plan for leaving the EU that none of the other leave groups can even hope to rival. The Referist blog will thus be standing behind it fully and will continue to support and assist it in any way we can.

Why back The Leave Alliance rather than the other leave groups? First, it isn’t tied to any political party; it is an alliance of independent groups drawn together by one aim, namely to leave the EU, who share similar views on how this can be achieved. It is made up of The Bruges Group, the EU Referendum Blog, The Campaign for Independent Britain, The Harrogate Agenda, the Futurus think tank, the Bloggers Army and last but not least Restore Britain’s Fish, none of whom are career politicians. Secondly, it is not in competition with the other Leave groups and has no intention of attempting to gain lead status in the referedum campaign. This leaves it open to offering assistance to campaigners requiring information on the extensive research carried out by the group. Finally, worthy of note is that we do not receive public money, the work is by and large voluntary and is funded by the generosity of and donations from the general public.

To conclude this post, we quote a passage in today’s blog by entitled EU Referendum: countdown to launch

Nevertheless, there are those who argue that there are large groups of people (and especially blue collar workers) who are entirely unmoved by high-flown issues such as sovereignty and questions of “who governs Britain”. Such groups, it is said, will only vote to leave if we can offer them the prospect of immediate financial gain.

To do so, though, would be to sell the lie. We are making promises we can’t keep. Furthermore, it exposes us – as we are seeing – to “he says, she says” exchanges with the “remains”, where the arguments are getting bogged down in ever-more arcane detail, and even more strident disputes, as each side seeks to establish their positions.

Much lies ahead between now and the 23rd of June, but his blog will be doing its utmost to bring factual and informed information to its readers. The British people deserve no less.

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