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After a month of what can at best be described as an excruciating, outlandish and gross campaign on both sides, bar for the increasingly effective effect of the TLA on the leave campaign through some recent positive mainstram media presence alongside the onoing social media coverage, we are now into the final furlong and less than three weeks away from the day the people will decide the future of the country at the ballot box; not only a historic one that will determine the future of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’s relationship with the European Union, but one where Democracy itself will be at the heart of the matter and must be seen to prevail.

The past month for me has been one of getting used to the wonderful world of Twitter, and at the same time putting over the case for the EFTA / EEA route as well as pointing people in the direction of The Market Solution / Flexcit. Along with being an interesting (and somewhat confusing) personal discovery as a platform, I’m of the view that my learning how and who to tweet to has been of some help and has been worth it  as part of my participation in this campaign. For encouraging me to have a go with it, I have Peter North to thank for that, so I’d like to begin this post with an article from him.

Why you should care about Brexit by Peter North. One of Pete’s recent and best posts that I’ve been pushing on social media. Knowing Pete likes his music, I can’t resist posting this one

The Brexit Countdown

Confused? Don’t Be : Concensus now! Contrition Much Later  by Red Cliffs of Dawlish. Another insightful and and absorbing piece by this ever perceptive blogger about the risk of the leave campaign losing the referendum unless there is some kind of consensus, however vague, on the need for an exit plan, and one is on offer, namely FLEXCIT. Cummings and Elliot have rightly been taking a lot of stick over their management of the Vote Leave Ltd campaign, and of course all the big guns have jumped aboard. Couple that with entries for a Euro football lottery at the very time of the referendum and the rest, and you could be forgiven for thinking that this is very much a business outfit, more interested in personal gain and prestige than in getting Britain out of the EU.  Whatever the case, so far dire. Reading their Application to register as a designated lead campaigner –  referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union  does however reveal one chink of light. Pages 27 / 28 make reference to Dr Richard North, Robert Oulds, the CIB and The Bruges Group. In the event of the leave campaign slipping behind in the lead up to the poles, can they pull Flexcit out of the hat? Which raises the question of why they have not already done so!

Evolution Not Revolution  by Adam Smith Institute. Clear and to the point article on the benefits of the EFTA / EEA option as the best way forward.


EU Referendum: Who speaks for you?  by Moraymint. Forthright views on the question of democracy and Brexit from a blogger in the far north of Scotland.

Abolishing free movement won’t fulfill the fantasy of “controlled” borders  by The Sceptic Isle. Great read by Ben Kelly. The question of migration is one of the central features of this referendum, but that ultimately people are more likely to vote to leave or to remain on economic factors as they see them. Ben examines the issue of the Freedom of Movement that has so divided the debate, probably on both sides.

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