Referendum Day: Vote for Democracy


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All too quickly Referendum Day is upon us, and the people of our country are poised to make a decision, arguably one of the most important decisions of our times.

The undue haste with which Mr Cameron, no doubt under orders from the Brussels elite, and no doubt done willingly and deliberately, called the referendum has resulted in a referendum campaign verging on the dismal from both the ‘official’ remain and leave campaigns. Yet all this time there has been almost silence on a painstakingly and extraordinarily well researched exit plan that, had it really seen the full light of day, may well have seen the leave campaign in a strong position today. I am of course referring to FLEXCIT / The Market Solution by Dr Richard North, Robert Oulds and with the input of the readership of among many others. One reason this blog has been quite quiet is that I’ve been spending a great deal of time on Twitter pushing and linking to FLEXCIT while debating it with and trying to persuade the ‘remain but don’t know why’ and ‘undecided’ voters of the virtues and achievability of this approach, which has actually gone down very well with many. They are now aware that a good exit plan exists, but some are confused that it hasn’t been put forward by the big leave groups. Failing to get behind this plan or a variation may well turn out to be an important factor in the leave campaign losing this referendum. That is my main concern, and the loss will be self-inflicted, but now is not the time for recrimination.

This is the time for voting and talking at polling stations and then counting votes. It is a day for voting to remain in or leave the EU, and thus it is a day for voting for democracy. This is no less than the last chance for the British people to correct an historical mistake  and put ourselves on the road to a brighter future. Will the majority of the people grasp this chance of a lifetime? At the time of writing, there is no saying, though I must confess to having a niggling feeling that damn octopus has got it right again.

There is always a first time though.


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