An application by Switzerland for EU membership dating back 24 years has been withdrawn, the Swiss Parliament having voted by a majority of 126 to 24 for withdrawal. The National Council, the lower house of the Swiss parliament, voted through a proposal that Switzerland should no longer be seen as a country preparing to join the EU. The withdrawal motion will now go to the upper house, the Council of States.

The motion’s proposer, Lukas Reimann of the Swiss People’s Party, referring to the ongoing European refugee crisis, said “It is hardly surprising that the EU looks like an ever less attractive club to join. What, after all, is the appeal of joining a club into which the entire world can apparently move?” He then went on to state that “Switzerland had been brutally treated as a nation aspiring to join the EU, in all its negotiations. It had to accept idiotic bureaucracy in the previous era of the Europhiles. Now Switzerland is a more independent nation and in a better position to negotiate with the EU.”

The decision by Switzerland is being hailed as a boost for the Leave campaign in the upcoming Leave or Remain referendum in the UK.

Mr Reimann added “This is a clear and historical message from the Swiss parliament to British voters. We wish you the best of luck for Brexit. These days, Switzerland is called Britzerland because Swiss people support the Brexit.

“A big advantage of leaving the EU, is free trade worldwide, not only between the member states, making it easier and cheaper for British companies to export their goods to the rest of the world,”

“The boost to income outweighs the billions of pounds in membership fees that Britain would save if it left the EU. The UK can have even more of its important negotiation power internationally, by leaving the trading bloc: It would be free to establish trade agreements with non-EU countries worldwide.

“The vast majority of small and medium-sized firms do not trade with the EU but are restricted by a huge regulatory burden imposed from abroad. Leaving the EU makes the UK more open to the world without being bound or enslaved by EU laws on areas such as agriculture, justice and home affairs”

He concluded “The era of the EU application is over for Switzerland and the era of EU membership could be over soon for Britain. This is Britain’s chance of the century for a better future and for prosperity,”

British MEP Daniel Hannan had this to say about the decision:

Daniel Hannan

At the time of writing, it is unclear whether Mr Hannan’s statement means that he would like the UK to join Switzerland as a member of EFTA but remain outside the EEA or if he embraces both EFTA and EEA membership. The wording would seem to indicate the former. Were this the case, while fully welcoming Switzerland’s decision and thanking the Swiss people for their support for Brexit, we do not see this route as the right way forward for a successful Brexit. Nevertheless, in the event of the Leave campaign winning the referendum we look forward to joining Switzerland as fellow EFTA members.



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Swinging Dodgy


swinging dodgy

The two catchwords that endeared the late, great Norman Vaughan to the British public were ‘Swinging’ and ‘Dodgy’, often accompanied by thumbs up or thumbs down gestures.

Over the past week we have seen that the word ‘Dodgy’ is back again in full swing, this time in relation to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, who, as referred to in our last post, has earned the title ‘Dodgy Dave’. As more details have emerged, Dr Richard North gets to the heart of the matter in his post “Beginning to make sense”. It is now evident that ‘Call me Dodgy Dave’ has lied through his teeth to Parliament and thus to the British People, who the members of The House of Commons represent. We don’t know what Norman Vaughan would have made of it, but we venture that it may be the same as the authors of this blog: a clear thumbs down.

Apart from his blatant lying, we have also had to put up with the unedifying spectacle of this arrogant man telling the Leader of the Opposition to wear a suit and do up his tie in a pathetic effort to deflect answering serious questions. What’s next, we ask? Instructing female MPs to make sure they do up the top button of their blouse or not to wear black stockings as they are distracting the male members from their leisurely snooze? Telling Scottish MPs they have to wear a kilt with a tartan reflecting their names? What difference does it make what clothes MPs wear? They are there to represent us, not take part in a fashion show.

Norman Vaughan was a talented entertainer, actor and comedian who brought pleasure to the lives of millions; unlike Call me Dodgy Dave who could best be described as a joker, and a nasty one at that.

And as for swinging, the only thing swinging about Dodgy Dave is the object from which he should be doing it on the left of the record sleeve.


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Cameron’s Deal

A great deal has been written in the legacy media and in the blogosphere over the past few days reporting the outcome of David Cameron’s recent negotiations at the European Council, much of it of a conflicting and controvertial nature, particularly in terms of its legal standing.

In the blogosphere, Dr. Richard North of the blog has  carried out an in-depth analysis, to which he refers as “Dave’s Dodgy Deal’. Part 1 can be found here, with Part 2 and Part 3 here and here respectively. This analysis would indeed appear to justify his description of it as “dodgy”.

On the 22nd of February , Arnold Ridout of the Counsel for European Legislation of The House of Commons published a pdf document “The Inquiry into the UK Government’s renegotiation of EU membership: Parliamentary Sovereignty and Scrutiny: preliminary note on the outcome of the negotiations” much of which a priori concurs with Dr Richard North’s analysis.

While making no claim to be legal experts, The Referist will be closely following  and reporting on this very serious issue as it develops, as we are committed to doing our bit to ensure that the British people are not being lied to or manipulated and that the facts and truth are brought to their attention. We would appreciate any comments and information that you may have to help us achieve this objective.



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The Leave Alliance


Our first post looks at the progress to date made by The Leave Alliance, a group set up in late 2014. TLA evolved from the Referendum Planning Group (RPG), and their earlier meetings focussed on the need for a clear exit plan and whether that plan should be Flexcit (download a copy from the Downloads page of this site).

The article speaks for itself, but the authors of this blog have long been following the referendum debate and are of the view that a clear exit plan is essential if the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is to leave the political European Union in an orderly fashion and go on to prosper and play a positive and influential role in our rapidly changing world. TLA has such a plan and we therefore lend our full support to the group and wish it every success in its endeavours.

Read the full article here


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EU Referendum Debate Special

On Monday the 24th of October 2011, in the House of Commons, the 650 men and women elected by the British people to represent the British people will debate and vote on whether the British people are to have a referendum on Britain’s continuing membership of the European Union.

The current Prime Minister of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Mr David William Donald Cameron (Conservative Party), has made it clear that he is not in favour of this referendum being held, and has indeed ordered all Conservative Party MPs, by way of a three-way whip, to vote against it. The Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Nicholas William Peter Clegg (Liberal Democrats),  has also made it abundantly clear that he does not favour a referendum, and that he fully supports the view of the Leader of the Coalition Government of which he is part. The Leader of the Opposition, Mr David Wright Miliband (Labour Party) has also ordered every Labour Party to vote against such a referendum.

The author of this post is of the view that every currently serving Member of Parliament must have a free and independent vote; one which fully takes into account the wishes of those that they are there to serve, namely their constituents.

The British people must be referred to on Britain’s future membership of the European Union

The Referist awaits the outcome of tomorrow’s events with great interest.

I shall finish this post with a quote from the author of the British political blog Autonomous Mind

On Monday set aside the hot air and judge the MPs by their actions – or what will prove to be a lack of them.

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CQ de The Referist

Firstly, a warm welcome to The Referist at WordPress, one of a pair of blogs dedicated to the subject of “That “ism” again”, to quote Dr Richard North at the EUReferendum blog, where I first came across the word:

However, before broaching the subject, for those of you who may not get the gist of the title of this first post, it is of nautical origin; CQ de The Referist means “Calling all ships (Referists), this is (the good ship) The Referist” in Morse Code (me being an old sea dog).

On reading “That “ism” again” and the ensuing debates at Dr North’s forum, and on many other mainly British quality blogs, (please forgive me for not mentioning you all by name but you know who you are), though the term even came up on far-flung WUWT, I came to the conclusion that this subject was worthy of a home of its own. Hence this blog and its sister blog which can be accessed by clicking the link on the right.

CQ de The Referist also means that the good ship has to be well founded, serve a useful purpose and be manned by a good crew. So this first post is a call to all referists. Not an SOS, but a general call; if the project is to fare well, then it needs people to man it. I cannot do it alone for various reasons, and neither do I wish to nor do I consider this to be in the best interests of the project. This therefore means The Referist needs administrators, moderators, editors, authors, contributors, people familiar with the WordPress platform and, of course, commentators. It also needs feedback: is it worth doing?; if so, how?; by whom?; who decides?; what for?; why two blogs?. The questions go on, and I probably have as many if not more than you. On the technical side, please feel free to add any constructive comment and criticism concerning layout, colouring, etc. I am using the WordPress Twenty Ten theme. The header is 940 x 198 pixels. If there are any good photoshoppers out there, feel free, I’m up for an exibition and a referendum for the final choice!

So that is what this first post is really all about. It is an open thread, but more importantly it an appeal for help and guidance in getting the project going. In addition, it is my way of saying thank you to Dr Richard North for having brought this important emerging subject to my attention, and to the attention of the blogosphere and beyond.

The sister blog I have left closed for comments for the moment for no other reason than one step at a time is probably the best course of action for the moment. Your comments, particularly Richard’s, are more than welcome in this first thread on what shape her future might take.

Until there is a page setting out the terms of use of the blog, the normal and accepted rules applicable to civilised and open political blogs and forums shall apply. As the launchpad is Richard’s forum, I am hoping that the initial readership and commentators will be genuine, grow naturally and that I will not be inundated with an initial onrush of spamming and trolling (links limited to two, first two comments always approved by a moderator). Reply nesting has been enabled (up to 3 replies to one comment for now, but that can be changed) This set-up will no doubt evolve if and when the project takes off and more people are involved, but for the moment I am applying the strictest rules WordPress allow for. If for some reason, you find your comments are not getting through, please drop an email in the strictest confidence to:

As a contributor to Dr North’s forum, Richard is aware of my identity and email address. I mention this simply to reassure you that I am not some kind of troll, mickey-taker or plant.

Over to you, fellow Referists.

For Referism


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