Reference Documents

The Great Deception by Dr. Richard North & Christopher Booker. The classic history of the European Union.

FLEXCIT. Version 08, published 13 July 2016 by The Leave Alliance. Full version of the comprehensive and detailed strategy describing why and how Britain can realistically and safely exit the E.U.

THE MARKET SOLUTION FLEXCIT. Flexible Exit and Continuous Development. Forty-eight pamphlet By Dr Richard A E North with Robert Oulds of the Bruges Group and the assistance of Published March 2016

Brexit Monographs. To date (12 April 2017), seventeen Brexit Monographs in .pdf format have been published by the Leave Alliance:

Monograph 1: Single Market participation and free movement of persons.

Monograph 2: The WTO Option and its application to Brexit.
Monograph 3: Financial contributions after Brexit.
Monograph 4: Article 50 and Brexit negotiations.
Monograph 5: Trade barriers and Brexit.

Monograph 6: Post-Brexit regulation.
Monograph 7: Trade agreements.
Monograph 8: WTO schedules and concessions.
Monograph 9: A European Economic Space.
Monograph 10: Liechtenstein reprised.
Monograph 11: Authorised Economic Operators (AEOs).
Monograph 12: Taking back control.
Monograph 13: International quasi-legislation and the EU.
Monograph 14: Financial Services and Brexit.
Monograph 15: Leaving the Single Market.
Monograph 16: Leaving the Customs Union.
Monograph 17: Food exports to the EU.

The 1975 Referendum by David Butler and Uwe Kitzinger

Leaving the EU. Research paper 13/42. 1 July 2013. Edited by Vaughne Miller. House of commons Library

FUTURUS-UK-Membership-of-the-EU – Financial Analysis – Nov 2015. Briefing published by the FUTURUS think-tank in November 2015 entitled: UK MEMBERSHIP OF THE EU.TRADING ARRANGEMENTS ARE NOT SOIMPORTANT AS THE UK’S  FINANCIALWEAKNESS INCURRED BY EU MEMBERSHIP

The_process_for_withdrawing_from_the_EU (cm9126). Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs by Command of Her Majesty, February 2016.

The Inquiry into the UK Government’s renegotiation of EU membership: Parliamentary Sovereignty and Scrutiny: preliminary note on the outcome of the negotiations Published on the 22nd of February 2016 by Arnold Ridout of the Counsel for European Legislation of The House of Commons.

Alternatives to membership: possible models for the United Kingdom outside the European Union  First part of the report published in March 2016 by HM Government to meet the requirement of section 7(1) of the European Referendum Act 2015.

Britain’s special status in Europe: A comprehensive assessment of the UK-EU deal and its consequences Published by Andrew Duff, March 2016, in the Policy Network.

EU REFERENDUM: summary and analysis of the new Settlement for the UK in the EU. Briefing paper Number 7524, 8 March 2016. By Arabella Lang, Vaughne Miller, Daniel Harari, Steven Kennedy, Melanie Gower. House of Commons Library

The Betrayal of Britain’s Fishing to the European Union. By John Ashworth. Published by Campaign for an Independent Britain. March 2016

Vote-Leave-Ltd-designation-application. Application to register as a designated lead campaigner –  referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union.  Seventy-seven page document,  but blank from page 36 on, entitled: Section 5 – Campaigning capacity


Norway’s financial contribution to the EU & EEA

EFTA AT A GLANCE Fact Sheet of The European Free Trade Association

Norwegian fishing industry and its interaction with EU in the time of global economic crisis. By Pirooz Samavati, Master of Managerial Economics, University of Wroclaw


The United States of Europe – Sir Arthur Salter Published circa 1929. A little-known work by a top British Civil Servant and friend of Jean Monnet describing a vision that closely resembles the structure of what has become today’s EU.

Allocution de M Jean Monnet au National Press Club Washington le 30 avril 1952 Speach by Jean Monnet (in French). The final paragraph sets out the ultimate goal: The United States of Europe.

A Fundamental Law of The European Union The Spinelli Group, Bertelsmann Stiftung

Completing Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union. Report by Jean-Claude Juncker in close cooperation with Donald Tusk, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Mario Draghi and Martin Schulz. Published by The European Commission in 2015. Also known as ‘The Five Presidents Report’.